It’s simply magnificent


It’s simply magnificent


It’s simply magnificent


It’s simply magnificent

Authentic community, in a grand setting.

Many people share a similar first impression of the welcoming mountain community of Steamboat Springs; Steamboat, nestled within the magical Yampa Valley, feels like a place you have been before, and one you want to return to again and again.

It is the authenticity of the town, combined with the grandeur of its setting, that differentiates Steamboat from other resort communities. Life fills all four seasons at the base of one of North America’s great ski mountains, and the Valley’s sunny, year-round climate inspires residents to make the most out of outdoor, recreational opportunities.

“To me, the Yampa Valley Curse is simply a spirit or magnet that says to you and your soul that you will live here – you will find a way to make Steamboat Springs and the Yampa Valley your home.”

Verne Lundquist
Sports Broadcaster

Celebrate every moment.

In Steamboat Springs, the Colorado lifestyle is celebrated actively, and seasons are marked by occasions of celebration. Activities unique to Steamboat, including Winter Carnival, Strings Music Festival, the Pro Rodeo Series and 4th of July Celebration, OktoberWest, and many more are just a sampling of the lifestyle-inspired events, native to Steamboat Springs, that take place only minutes from Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club.

While Steamboat Ski Resort is most recognized for being a world-class ski mountain, the area offers unparalleled year-round activities including hiking, mountain biking, rafting, fishing, hot springs, horseback riding, and golf. Summer brings clear, warm day to enjoy downtown’s bustling shopping and dining scene, which has become a mecca for foodies, offering gourmet dining options, craft brewery tours and many food and wine events.

Steamboat Springs’ unique blend of cowboy culture and friendly locals, lends an inviting, laid back atmosphere to the historic Colorado resort town, where western heritage meets abundant outdoor adventure.

Explore Steamboat Springs’ Calendar of Events, here.

“Steamboat Springs has been an investment in real estate for us but more importantly it’s been an investment in our family. We have four older children, and it was very important for us that our kids were interested in where we wanted to build a second home because this was for our family as well as ourselves.”

Bob Sathe
Steamboat Home Owner

Long days and fresh vistas.


At Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club, each day brings with it new opportunities for adventure, and experiences that ignite the spirit of the American West. Here, time takes on a friendlier approach. Pleasures as simple as a walk by the property lake or casting a fishing line into the pristine waters of the Yampa River, are daily occurrences that welcome residents of Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club.

The property is located at an approximate elevation of 6,800 feet, offering mountain living at an altitude that keeps residents breathing easy. Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club is a place to explore, with easily attainable opportunities for adventure that can be experienced with ease.

A day in the life at Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club extends from the serenity of your mountain home, to the charm of the many art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, spas, concert venues, theaters, and parks located just minutes away in downtown Steamboat Springs. Here, daily life is nothing short of extraordinary.

“Sink your roots and build a family. Take advantage of the great economic and cultural possibilities that we have here in this little paradise in Northwest Colorado.”

Moose Barrows
Olympic Skier

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